It’s Social Network Time(s)

Twitter, Facebook, and all this compulsary social badgering business is coming soon.



I setup the Facebook page today, and then I think a Twitter account will follow soon. These things aren’t going to look like what I see other businesses doing. For example, I’m not going to blast across the social sphere every time I write a blog post and link it back here. That’s what your friendly RSS reader is for (I use Google Reader.)

My feeling is the Facebook page’s wall posts will probably be limited to job listings as they come up. That seems to make the most sense for that social network.

The Twitter feed is probably going to just be random quips. Something like a micro-blog, I’m not really sure. I’m thinking similar to Seth Godin’s neat one-liners, but more software-centric. I figure the Twitter account is simply going to serve me more than any audience, by following interesting software people.

It is a push for some marketing, and hopefully I’ll do it in a way where I’m not adding to the miasma that currently pollutes the web. That’s a promise.

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