Posts about the professional experience of being a software developer.

A (Fast and Loose) Model of Software Communication

I’d like to show that diction is a critical component to successful software products. Diction has nuanced meaning, yet “word choice” is possibly the simplest definition. It is a necessary, but not sufficient, requisite for successful communication in a software team, but I think perhaps 80% sufficient. I want to approach this essay in the [...]

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The Programmer Competency Matrix

One day, I decided I wanted to find a metric to understand and track my skill level as a software developer. This is a difficult thing to measure, since there’s any number of variables one can pick and choose to include in the metric, and how do we assign weight to each one? Some variables [...]

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How Analogies Can Destroy Your Software Company

Back in high school, when it came time to take the SATs, I scored much higher on my math than my verbal. Perhaps it was due to analogies such as this one: LUMMOX: CLUMSY :: A) boon: beneficial B) egotist: conceited C) rascal: predictable D) maxim: hackneyed E) toady: important One of the worst things [...]

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A Developer’s Attitude

Recently, I picked up a pair of clipless pedals for my bike. I then promptly crashed in the parking lot behind Outback Bikes in Little Five Points. After a harrowing journey to the entrance of the Path near Boulevard, I almost had the hang of things, and started enjoying myself again. Clipless pedals allow you [...]

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My Real Life NullPointerException

Sometimes, it’s easy to see parallels* to software engineering in my daily life. While biking, I hit a pretty big pothole on Hosea Williams the other day. I didn’t know if that was the Primum Movens of my flat tire, but the next day it was completely flat. I took it into a shop for [...]

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