8: years of professional experience
20: total years programming in one way or another
2.4: average score on the Programmer Competency Matrix


Fay Consulting, LLC
June 2004 – Current

My consulting business, incorporated as Fay Consulting, LLC in 2010. Prior to that, I took on clients as an independent contractor. At times, I have hired great developers to assist on projects, under my management and code review. Currently, I am running solo.

I am hired mostly for tactical implementation, but I also enjoy consulting on strategy, requirements, business analysis, and process.

Client projects have varied in scope and intensity, anywhere from shell-scripting to complete inception-to-release product development.

I thrive in mixed or unusual environments. My primary strength is in desktop applications software development. However, I am actively learning and taking on side projects in other areas, including web and mobile development.

I’m also hacking on the Raspberry Pi, testing out some hardware/software prototypes.


B.S. Computer Science
Georgia Institute of Technology
2000 – 2004

Graduated from Georgia Tech with Honors (3.4 GPA) in four years.


Try visiting my StackOverflow Careers CV if you want to see more details, including technologies I’ve worked with and StackOverflow questions I’ve asked and answered.

My LinkedIn Profile, if you’re into that sort of thing.